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Construction projects
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  • AES Holding, services to our clients in China and Asia
  • Project management for green or non green building
  • AES Holding Technical Assistance in Asia and China
  • AES Holding Construction Supervision on site
  • AES Holding, Removal factory management in Asia and China
  • Coordination des intervenants sur le chantier Asie
  • Consulting, Civil and technical engeneering.
  • Analysis and preparations of Removal tasks in Asia and China
  • AES Holding, Mechanical Equipment construction in Asia and China
  • Consulting, Choosing suppliers and following production in Asia and China
  • AES Holding, Project Management in Asia and China
  • Project in Asia and China: Preliminary and Detailed Design Supervision
  • Assistance for restarting production with analysis of performance

Project in Asia / Implementation assistance.

Project Management

Our mixed culturally teams provide the link between our customers and the local participants. We provide our clients with the optimum answer to their needs in the following fields for green or non green building :

  • Preliminary Evaluation.
  • Technical Assistance.
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design Supervision.
  • Budget Control Supervision.
  • Construction Supervision on site.
  • Hand Over Supervision.
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Contact : Guy Devigne-Ronge
Email : - Mobile : +86 136 56 24 92 83

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